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You want a slim and toned abdomen with beautifully defined muscles? We’ll show you which exercises are particularly effective and what else you should definitely pay attention to. We all have a six-pack. Really true! For most of us, however, it lies well hidden under a small layer of fat. To get a flat stomach, we have to work hard. Special exercises for the abdomen, endurance training and the right diet are the key to success. Since a flat belly does not just fall from the sky, here come appropriate exercises. These strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles, both straight and oblique. The good news is that the exercises can be done at home at any time, without spending a lot of time and cumbersome accessories. All that’s needed is about 10 to 15 minutes of time and a gym mat (get it here on Amazon*) for a soft surface. Flat belly: THE express workout in the video  

Exercises for a flat stomach: How often should you train?

So that the training brings what and a flat belly after all the exercises really appears, should be trained on at least three days per week. It is good if there is a break of one day between the training days. In addition, you should do endurance sports three times a week. Sports such as jogging, walking, swimming or cycling are ideal for tightening the sagging skin on the abdomen and melting belly fat. Endurance sports stimulate fat burning and strengthen the condition. In addition, certain back exercises also help with tummy tuck. The goal of a flat stomach is getting closer – especially when endurance training is combined with special exercises for the stomach.

Taut belly: The right diet is important

In order to say goodbye once and for all to the rolls of flab on your stomach, the right diet is also crucial in addition to abdominal muscle training. Because even if you train your abdominal muscles regularly, they only become visible when the body fat percentage is low enough. Especially important for a trained abdomen and a firm connective tissue: proteins! You can find them mainly in lean meat and fish, eggs or dairy products. Protein-rich food keeps you full for a long time and provides your muscles with important calcium. Avoid simple carbohydrates such as wheat pasta, white bread or cakes. These are quickly processed by the body and absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, blood sugar levels rise rapidly and fall again just as quickly. Cravings are inevitable! Better are “good” carbohydrates such as wholemeal pasta or potatoes. Equally important: drink plenty of fluids! This ensures firm, plump skin. Therefore, 2 – 3 liters of water a day are recommended.

These foods are poison for a flat stomach:

The amount makes the poison, times a piece of Schoki or pizza, are already okay, alone to keep the ravenous appetite in check. However, you should only eat these foods in small amounts if you are working on a flat stomach:

  • Sweets
  • Cakes and sweet pastries
  • Salty and fried snacks
  • White bread and pasta
  • Lemonades and undiluted juices
  • Alcohol

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Flat belly: These 3 exercises really bring a lot!

1st exercise: Tucked belly Starting position: Get on all fours. Execution: Slowly inhale through the nose while pulling the belly in as far as possible. Keep the abdomen retracted according to the time indicated (depending on the level). Repeat. Program: Beginner: 3 series of 5 x 5 sec. holds each and 90 sec. rest. Intermediate: 4 series with 6 x 6 sec. hold each and 90 sec. rest. Advanced: 5 series of 8 x 6 sec. holds and 60 sec. rest. 2nd exercise: Crunches with chair Starting position: Lie on back. Legs are bent at 90 degrees and heels are placed on a chair. The hands lightly touch the temples. Execution: Tighten abdominals, inhale and roll torso upward. Return to the starting position by slowly unrolling the upper body, vertebra by vertebra. Exhale as you lay down. Program: Beginner: 3 series of 20 repetitions each with 90 sec rest. Intermediate: 4 series of 30 repetitions and 60 sec. rest. Advanced: 5 series of 40 repetitions each and 45 sec. rest. Reading Tip: Slimmer in Seconds: Styling tips to conceal the belly. 3rd exercise: Inclined sit-ups Starting position: Lie on your back. The left leg is set up, the right leg is placed on the left knee with the ankle. Put the left hand to the left temple and at the same time take the right hand to the right hip. Execution: Tighten the abdomen and inhale. Release the upper body from the floor and bring the left elbow to the right knee. Exhale. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the left side and then do the same with the right side. Program: Beginner: 3 series of 10 reps left and right, 90 sec rest. Intermediate: 4 series of 15 repetitions left and right, 75 sec. rest. Advanced: 5 series of 20 reps each left and right, 45 sec rest. Reading Tip: 7 brilliant abdominal tips: How to get a flat stomach

Flat stomach: In addition to exercises, proper breathing plays a role

For abdominal exercises to be effective, breathing must be correct. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, facilitates digestion and helps us to reduce stress. This is important because stress promotes the storage of fat in the abdominal region. Starting position: Lie on your back with your legs bent. The arms lie loosely beside the body or folded behind the head. If you like, you can also place one book on your chest and one on your stomach, and place a hand on each book. Exercise: Slowly inhale through the nose for 7-10 seconds: let the air flow deep into the belly and then into the chest. Keep the air in the belly and lungs for about 10 seconds. Exhale through the mouth or nose by first exhaling the air from the abdomen and then from the lungs. The exhalation should also last 7-10 seconds. Pull the abdomen in as far as possible at the end of the exhalation by pulling the belly button in all the way to the spine. Important: Be careful not to push during either the inhale or the exhale! The body must remain completely relaxed during both movements.

Flat stomach: Posture is also important

An upright posture is not only important for a healthy back, but also for a flat stomach. A slouched posture promotes sagging abdominal muscles and the accumulation of fat.

  • The back should always be straight when sitting or standing. To do this, the shoulders are pulled back so that the chest opens. When standing, the pomus muscles are also tightened.
  • Sports such as yoga, Pilates or gymnastics support and promote an upright posture. In addition to endurance sports, we should do them regularly if we have problems with our posture.
  • Those who stretch and stretch their bodies regularly have fewer problems with their backs and keep themselves straighter. In the morning after getting up, every now and then during the day and in the evening, do a little stretching and stretching session and stretch the whole body towards the sky.

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Tummy tightening: Massages make for beautiful smooth skin

The basis for firm skin is good blood circulation. This ensures that toxins are removed from the tissue and stimulates the metabolism. To tighten the skin on the abdomen, regular abdominal massages can help. How does such a massage work? It’s very simple: just take one area of skin on the abdomen between your index finger and thumb, pull on it a little and release it again. Do the same with the entire abdomen. Also good: a brush massage. Simply massage the lathered skin in the shower with a soft brush in circular motions. Special massage brushes can also help fight cellulite. You can get them, for example, here at Amazon.*

VIDEO: Train your belly away: 5 exercises for a flat belly

Video by Jane Schmitt Likewise, a fascia training can provide for a tight belly. Because the role loosens the stuck together fibers in the connective tissue and makes the skin appear smoother.

With the right care for a firm belly

In addition to sports, nutrition and massages, you should also take care of your belly so that it looks nice and firm. That means for you: cream, cream, cream! Sagging skin needs sufficient moisture to regain its elasticity. Unfortunately, creams alone won’t make orange peel skin disappear, as the product would have to penetrate to the fat cells to do so, but lotions and oils provide a deceptively taut appearance. You can get an anti-cellulite oil from Weleda, for example, here on Amazon.* Our secret tip: products with a tanning effect or shine particles make the skin look even more even. Did you also know that caffeine is a well-known home remedy against cellulite and promotes blood circulation? Try a caffeine peeling: Simply mix five tablespoons of coffee grounds with two tablespoons of olive oil and rub it into your belly. Leave on for a short time and then shower off. Reading Tip: The perfect workout: 4 exercises for the whole body NEWS LETTERS News, tips and trends… we have many exciting topics for you! Important note at the end: An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and lots of exercise, is still the best way to stay fit permanently and to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Power exercises for a toned tummy © Shutterstock/ progressman Dreaming of a firm, muscular and toned tummy? With these exercises, you train your abdominal muscles particularly effectively and quickly see the first successes. The most effective way to a tummy tuck? Muscle training instead of freezing away fat cells! And one that strengthens the entire center – i.e. abdomen, legs, buttocks. If you have cellulite, stretch marks or sagging skin due to reduced collagen formation, it’s best to do additional endurance sports three times a week: 40 minutes of swimming, cycling or jogging stimulate fat burning and are optimal endurance training for a firm abdomen. In addition, back exercises also help in tummy tuck.

1. abdominal training for the straight abdominal muscles

Lie on your back, lift both legs and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms long to the back. Now, on the exhale, raise the upper body. Lower again with the inhale, but do not rest completely on the floor. Do 15 repetitions three times, giving yourself a short break in between. For beginners: During the exercise, place your hands lightly at the back of your head so that your elbows are pointing outward – don’t interlock your hands or you may put the wrong amount of stress on your lower back. A perfect exercise for abdominal toning.

2. for the oblique abdominal muscles

Lift the legs bent at right angles again, hands touching the back of the head, elbows pointing outward. Now with the exhale, move the left knee and right elbow toward each other, extending the right leg. The further you lower it down, the more difficult the exercise and the better the abdominal workout. On the inhale, lower the upper body again, but do not rest it on the floor. Repeat 10 times. Change sides. And repeat the exercise 2 more times. For beginners: Keep knees parallel at right angles as in exercise 1.

3. for the deep transverse muscles

Get into quadrupedal position, move the shoulders down, away from the ears, and pull the belly button inward. With an exhale, lift the knees slightly and tense the center of the body. Hold the position for a few breaths, then lower the knees and release the tension. Repeat 5 times. Take a short break in between. For beginners: Keep knees on the floor. Tighten core muscles by pretending to pull hands and knees toward each other. Optimal against a flabby core. Here you can find more information about core training.

4. for the hips

Sit on the floor without supporting your hands and pull your belly button inward. Now bring your left knee towards your torso and extend your right leg long. Switch sides. 10 times per leg. Take a short break. Repeat the exercise 2 more times. For beginners: Lean your upper body back a bit more. You get even more support if you lean on the floor with your forearms.

5. flat stomach thanks to planks

Get into forearm support and place the tops of your feet so that your body forms as straight a line as possible parallel to the floor. Pull the shoulders down away from the ears and the belly button inward. Now lift the left leg, hold for about 3 seconds and lower again. Switch sides. 5 times per side. For beginners: Try to hold the starting position for about three seconds without lifting the feet. Then lower the knees and pause briefly. Repeat 5 times. With this workout, cellulite and stretch marks will soon be a thing of the past. Production: Birgit Potzkai Text: Melanie Grimsehl #Topics

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Tummy Tightening Exercise.

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