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Your tips look dry and you struggle with split ends? Then the time has come for a top cut! This is especially important for a brittle mane, so that the look is maintained. You quickly feel uncomfortable when something is wrong with your hair. But running to the hairdresser every time – that can be quite expensive. The woman is herself! With the right tips, you can cut your own tips and save money and time.

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This tool is mandatory What else do you need? In what condition should the hair be? Determine the parting Shorten straight shape Cut tips yourself: Rounded shape

This tool is mandatory

Cut your hair without a proper pair of scissors? Absolutely not! Only professional scissors are sharp enough not to roughen the hair. If you reach for ordinary craft scissors, you risk hair breakage and even more split ends. Especially if you already have a stressed mane.  

Free test

Which shampoo suits you?

Answer 6 questions and find out which shampoo you need. The test is of course free: Test now A real pair of hair scissors feels a bit heavier and is also more expensive. But it’s worth it: these scissors stay very sharp for a long time. So you’ll get many years of use out of them. A good choice would be, for example, this model from Pamara. Please use the scissors really only for your hair. They become blunt when you cut paper, fabric or similar. And if you then go to the hair again, they no longer cut properly. That would be a pity for the money.

What else do you need?

Besides a pair of scissors, you need an ordinary comb. It should not be too coarse, otherwise the strands will not be combed cleanly. Here you can find the perfect comb for re-shopping. You should also have a brush at hand to free the hair from any knots at the beginning. This is essential, otherwise the cut will be odd. And you definitely don’t want that!

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What condition should the hair be in?

A really good pair of hair scissors, comb and brush: the utensils are in place. Now we can get down to business! In addition to good tools, the condition of the hair also determines how good the result will be. Cut the tips yourself with freshly washed hair? Better not! Your mane is then so fluffy and slightly roughened by the washing process that it becomes very difficult to make a completely straight cut. Strands quickly slip out and everything becomes uneven. It’s best to cut the ends with towel-dried hair. This is also how the hairdresser does it. In this condition, the hair is a little heavier and does not slip out of your fingers so easily. In addition, they are then much smoother, which makes the result more accurate. So: wash your hair as usual, squeeze out the water with a towel and then you’re ready to go.

Determine the parting

Brush the hair well first. Be nice and careful, in the semi-dry state your mane is particularly sensitive. In the case of very fragile hair, it is even advisable to first carefully untangle the lengths and tips and not to brush immediately from the roots. This can cause hair breakage. Hair is free of knots? Wonderful. Grab a comb and part your hair. It’s very important to do this before cutting your hair. Because depending on where your parting is, your hair will fall differently. And that affects the cut. Whether it’s a center parting or a side parting, you decide how you like it better. You like to vary the parting and wear it sometimes in the middle, sometimes on the right or left? Then you should definitely part your hair in the middle. That way you have the most room to maneuver. And now the scissors come into play. Before you start cutting, you should take a close look at the shape of your hair. Sweep your hair back so that the ends all fall to the back. Are the lengths all cut the same or do you notice a rounded shape? Below we’ll show you how to cut the tips yourself for both variants without changing the shape.

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Shortening the straight shape

If you have cut all lengths to the same length, you should see a fairly clear horizontal line without a bow. In the first step, comb all the hair forward so that the tips rest on the neckline. You will notice that the back strands now look slightly shorter than the front strands. Now grab individual sections and comb them through with the comb. If you now hold the section together between two fingers, you should see a diagonal course. It is important to maintain this so that the hair falls straight and on one length at the end. Shorten this section by one centimeter and make sure that you cut the hair at an angle. Then proceed strand by strand. In the following video you can see exactly how this works. There you will also see how you should shorten the hair if you wear a rounded shape.

Cut your own tips: Rounded shape

If your hair is lying on its back, do you recognize a slight U-shape? Then you proceed a little differently when cutting the tips yourself. The goal, of course, is to preserve the shape. Here’s how: Tie a deep ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then grab another hair tie and tie it into the hair about five centimeters below. Continue like this until you reach the end of the ponytail. The hair will be fixed in this way, making the cut cleaner. Then grab the tip of the braid and hold it between two fingers. Now shorten the part by one centimeter. Important: Cut the tips completely straight. That’s it! If you are unsure, you should definitely take a look at the video above. There, the procedure is shown again step by step. Voila! So cutting the tips yourself isn’t that hard. As long as you don’t cut off ten centimeters, there’s little that can go wrong. It’s a great way to put off going to the hairdresser for a bit and save money in the process! Plus, it’s a great way to give yourself a little time off and do something for yourself. Are you wearing bangs? You don’t have to run to a professional for that either. You can quickly and easily trim a regrown fringe yourself – here are some helpful tips.

Which shampoo is right for you?

Answer these 6 questions and find out which shampoo you need. The test is of course free of charge: Test now


This post contains advertising and / or paid advertising links. Straw-like, brittle, dull and lackluster. Dry hair ends need a lot of care. But what really helps? We have the best tips for damaged hair. Every woman wants a healthy and shiny head of hair. It should be beautiful, well-groomed and silky. Instead, we often have brittle and dull hair. You have the same problem? Give your hair back its strength and shine. What you have to do for it? Care, care, care! And with the right one! We have looked around for you and tell you what really helps with dry mane.

What really helps with dry ends?

Dry hair ends can be treated and prevented. For this, however, you should follow a few habits or better leave them alone. Here are six tips that will ensure healthy hair.

Wash your hair properly

To restore the natural protective film of your hair, you should wash your hair less often. At first, they will get greasy quickly, but after a while, your hair will look much healthier again. Don’t stress your hair and scalp too much and be sure to use gentle hair care products. Use a pH-neutral shampoo. Do not wash your hair too hot. This will cause it to lose even more moisture.

Avoid heat

Straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers – you can conjure up beautiful hairstyles with these styling aids, but they damage your hair enormously. To prevent the ends of your hair from becoming even drier or even splitting, you should avoid using them as often as possible. If you can’t do without blow-drying at all, let your hair air-dry a bit first. Then it is not exposed to the heat for too long. But be sure to set your blow dryer to cold air. It will take longer for your hair to dry, but this way you won’t aggravate split ends. Your 7 biggest hair drying mistakes!

Nourishing oils for dry hair ends

To protect your hair from split ends, you should reach for a hair oil. It is best to use almond, jojoba, macadamia, argan or coconut oil and massage it into your ends.

Hair treatments for lots of moisture

Hair masks moisturize your ends. They contain important substances that your hair needs. However, avoid products with chemical additives. You can easily make your own hair mask. Ingredients for your DIY hair mask

Video recommendation

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil

Put the honey in a small bowl and heat it in a water bath. Once it is liquid, take the bowl out of the water. Add the olive oil and stir vigorously. When the honey oil is lukewarm and thick, you can add the egg and stir it in. Done! Wash your hair and then apply the mask to the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash it out carefully.

Healthy diet for healthy hair

Your diet also affects your hair. You need a healthy, balanced diet. It should be rich in proteins and iron. Vitamins and trace elements are also important to avoid dry hair ends. Eat plenty of foods with zinc, iron and proteins. They stimulate your hair growth. A nutrient deficiency can promote split ends. What you should know: Biotin also plays a crucial role in keeping your hair healthy. It prevents broken, dry and brittle hair and is an essential building block for healthy hair. Biotin is also called vitamin B7 or H. The body cannot produce it itself, so we have to get it from food. There is a lot of biotin in beef liver, yeast, egg yolk, peanuts and oatmeal. But there is a delicious alternative: Biotin gummy bears 🙂 So you can snack and do something good for your mane. Also in the Biotin gummy bears you will find zinc, folic acid, vitamins A, C and E. So the full load of hair power. The light orange bears taste like wild berries and are mega delicious. I can recommend them to you. If you are dissatisfied, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. Because they are high doses, you only need to eat one gummy bear per day. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂 So do you have dry ends and overall stubborn hair? Then you should try a hair vitamin mix and take it for a month. You’ll definitely notice a change!

Trim your ends regularly

If you have dry ends and split ends, you should cut your hair regularly. Otherwise, split ends will continue to move up and your mane will be even more damaged. Cutting your hair regularly prevents this and your hair can grow back healthy. The best hacks for long hair!

What home remedies help against dry hair ends?

In addition to the above tips, there are some home remedies that will take care of your hair. They will make them shiny and smooth again. Apply the home remedies best in quiet evening hours, when you do not have to leave the house. This is because they can smell a little unpleasant.

1. olive oil moisturizes

Olive oil is the most popular home remedy for dry hair ends. The oil is an ideal moisturizer and puts a film over every single dry hair. In addition, olive oil contains vitamin E. The vitamin makes your hair grow fast and healthy. Wash your hair with warm water and then add the olive oil to your hair. Let the oil absorb well. It is best to leave it in your mane overnight. To avoid getting it all over, you can wrap a plastic wrap or towel around your hair. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can use the oil once a week. Tip: Jojoba, almond or argan oil also help with dry ends.

2. avocado provides more shine

Avocados are particularly rich in fat and protein. This supports moisture absorption and gives your hair more shine again. The avocado also contains a lot of vitamin E and vitamin A. This promotes hair growth and helps against dry hair ends. Peel a ripe avocado, mash it and mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil to make a paste. Apply the cream to your freshly washed hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. After that, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. apple cider vinegar provides your hair with important nutrients.

The vinegar neutralizes the pH of your scalp through its acidity. It frees it from shampoo residues and other hair care products. As a result, itching subsides and the dry scalp can recover. The many vitamins and minerals provide your hair roots with nutrients and promote healthy hair. Mix half a cup of vinegar with one cup of water. After washing your hair, use the water-vinegar mixture as a conditioner and leave it on for 10 minutes. After that, wash it out. You can repeat this application once a week.

Tip: Do not use artificial care products

If you want to have beautiful and smooth hair in the long term, you should avoid artificial additives in shampoos. Fragrances, artificial colors, parabens and other softeners damage your mane in the long run. The hair becomes shaggy, straw-like and greasy faster. If you want to make shot with it, then I can recommend natural cosmetics for hair. I found a natural hair shampoo at Ultra Green that cares for your hair gently and plastic-free. The shampoo has a moisturizing effect on your hair and scalp.

4. mayonnaise helps against dry hair ends

Mayonnaise contains oils and eggs. These ingredients nourish the ends of your hair. But make sure that you use mayonnaise with full fat content. The mayo should be warmed to room temperature before use. This allows the active ingredients to be better absorbed. Wet your hair with warm water. Massage the mayonnaise into your hair. Rub each strand of hair to the ends and leave the mayo on for an hour. Then rinse it with warm water. To get it out of your hair well, use a shampoo.

5. coconut oil for brittle hair

Hair ends often get the least moisture and thus quickly become brittle. To prevent split ends, you should pamper dry hair ends especially. Coconut oil is particularly suitable for this. The oil attaches itself to each individual hair and locks in moisture. Moisten the ends of your hair with lukewarm water. Melt a small piece of coconut oil in a water bath or in your hand. Caution: Do not use the microwave. Due to the intense heat, the ingredients of the coconut oil are lost. Rub the melted fat in your hands and distribute it neatly in the damp hair ends. Leave the coconut oil on for several hours before rinsing it out again with lukewarm water. The best care tips in winter for the hair!

So you provide for beautiful and well-groomed hair

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6. tea tree oil prevents dry hair ends.

Tea tree oil helps you to restore the health of your hair ends. The oil regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. Add two to three drops to your moisturizing shampoo. Wash your hair as usual.

7. hibiscus flower makes split ends disappear

Hibiscus contains a lot of vitamin C. The plant helps with dry hair and makes it look softer again. Put a handful of dried hibiscus flowers in half a liter of boiling water and let it steep for 20 minutes. Once the tea has cooled down a bit and is only lukewarm, you can apply it to your hair. Massage the hibiscus water well, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it out again.

8. eggs help against dry hair ends

Eggs compensate for the protein deficiency of dry hair and provide a shiny and smooth mane. Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and apply the mixture to the ends of your hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair as usual with a neutral shampoo. With the egg mask your hair will not be as greasy as with the olive oil or mayonnaise. If you have rather oily hair, then use only the egg white. If your hair is very dry, you should use the egg yolk. Use the mask only every two to four weeks.

9 Honey for a smooth mane

Honey is a true all-rounder. Whether for lip care, for coughs or for slimming – it simply helps against everything. Also against dry hair ends. Through the honey, your hair ends can better absorb moisture. This provides so for soft and shiny hair. Spread the honey on the ends of your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Of course, you can also massage it into the entire hair. Afterwards, wash it out with lukewarm water. Use the honey treatment twice a week.

What causes straw-like hair?

Dry hair ends can have several causes. Temperature changes, too much sun, blow drying, straightening, coloring, too frequent washing or simply the wrong care can be to blame. Your hair has a protective layer. This is delivered to the hair via the sebaceous mantle of the scalp. Through the protective layer, the hair retains its moisture. In dry hair, the natural protective film is damaged. With very long hair, the sebum no longer reaches the tips. As a result, they become dry and split. A lack of nutrients can be another cause of dry hair ends. This is usually caused by an unbalanced diet or hormonal changes. Especially women tend to have very dry hair ends during pregnancy or puberty.

Our conclusion

Dry hair ends can lead to split ends. But if you follow all the tips and tricks, you can prevent split ends really well. The important thing is not to stress your hair too much and to cut your ends regularly. And soon you’ll have your shiny and healthy hair back.

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Want to cut your own tips? It’s no problem at all. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to easily get your hair back in shape. Agree & Continue Reading To tell this story, our editors have selected a video to complement the article at this point. To play the video we use the JW Player of the company Longtail Ad Solutions, Inc.. Further information about the JW Player can be found in our privacy policy. Before we display the video, we need your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time, e.g. in our privacy manager. For more information, see our privacy policy.

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  • The right preparation for cutting lace at home
  • Cut your own tips – step-by-step instructions for straight hair
  • Cut your own tips – step-by-step instructions for a layered cut
  • Cut your own bangs with simple instructions

To avoid split ends, a visit to the hairdresser should be scheduled every two to four months. But what if the hairdressers are closed because of Corona? Then you also do not have to do without getting the broken ends of your hair in shape, because you can easily cut your own tips. All you need to do is follow the tips below and follow the step-by-step instructions for your particular hairstyle.

What scissors do I need to cut my own tips?

To cut the tips yourself, you absolutely need hair cutting scissors, which you can easily buy at the drugstore. Attention: In no case use craft scissors or nail scissors. The conventional scissors are duller than hair cutting scissors. Thus, no clean cut succeeds and the hair structure is damaged. With nail scissors, the curvature is added, which means that a straight cut is not possible. You can get hair cutting scissors from a price of 20 euros.

The right preparation for cutting tips at home

Whether you have straight hair or a step cut, the preparation is of course the same for both types of hairstyles: Wash Wash your hair, as it is more manageable when wet than when dry. Then comb your hair thoroughly. Tip: You can remove stubborn knots more gently if you comb the hair strands starting from the bottom and then go up piece by piece.

Cut the ends yourself – step-by-step instructions for straight hair

For a straight haircut, the following simple method is suitable: you can cut the tips yourself with the help of a braid. You will need:

  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Two braid elastics

How to do it:

  1. First, tie the hair into a deep ponytail. This should really sit as far as possible at the nape of the neck.
  2. Then hold the hair tightly and take a second hair tie and wrap it around the hair underneath the first hair tie.
  3. Now gently pull the second hair tie down until it is two to five inches above the tips – depending on how much you want to shorten.
  4. Now place the braid forward on your collarbone and lay the ends of your hair flat between your index finger and middle finger.
  5. Now you can easily cut off the frayed tips.
With long hair, it is relatively easy to cut the tips yourself. Photo: PraxisVITA/Vivian Mule

Cut the tips yourself – step-by-step instructions for a step cut.

With a layered cut, there is also a method to bring the hair into shape yourself. However, this is not quite as simple as with straight hair. However, with a little practice, patience and sensitivity, this can also succeed. You will need:

  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Hair clips

How to do it:

  1. Part your hair the way it lies.
  2. Then pin away the hair that frames your face with hair clips.
  3. Now take a strand between your index finger and ring finger that is about a finger’s width.
  4. Hold the strand horizontally to the side, your fingers are accordingly perpendicular to the head.
  5. Cut the frayed tips.
  6. Gradually go through all sections of hair, strand by strand.

The fringe comes last. A little more fingertip feeling is required when cutting the tips yourself with layered hair. Photo: PraxisVITA/Vivian Mule

Trim your own bangs with simple instructions

Learning to trim your own bangs can be extraordinarily helpful, as they get out of shape especially quickly. You will need:

  • A pair of hair cutting scissors

To cut the bangs yourself, the following point is important: let the hair dry first. Even though cutting the hair is a bit trickier than with wet hair, it is worth it, because this way you will definitely cut the bangs to the right length. Here’s how:

  1. Gather the entire pony section between your index and middle fingers and hold it vertically above your head.
  2. The fingers are accordingly horizontal to the head.
  3. Tighten the hair and pull it towards the face.
  4. Now shorten the frayed tips.
If the bangs are to be shortened, it is important that the hair is dry. Photo: PraxisVITA/Vivian Mule With these tips, you don’t need a hairdresser, but can easily cut your own tips. Trimming Ends Natural Hair.

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