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Create your inventory list with a template, standardize the process and simplify your inventory. Learn how to import an existing template into Excel or generate your own. Also learn about the advantages digital tools offer over Excel. Let’s start by defining an inventory template. What exactly is it and who benefits from it?

  • What is an inventory list template?
  • Who needs to keep inventory lists?
  • Why is it important to keep inventory lists?
  • What counts as a company’s inventory?
  • What information belongs in the inventory list?
  • Inventory list by template – what can Excel do?
  • What are the advantages of a digital inventory list?
  • How do I create an inventory list template with SeaTable?
  • Conclusion

What is an inventory list template?

An inventory list template is a previously created list that you can use to record your inventory in the company. It can be a plain list on paper, a complex table a program like Excel, or a simple digital inventory list template in a tool like SeaTable.

Who needs to keep inventory lists?

Every merchant and every business that is required to keep double-entry accounts must keep an inventory. This must be done both at the opening of the business and after each fiscal year. In this process, the stock is recorded (inventory) and a list/list is created (inventory). Inventory list template © tradol / adobe stock

Why is it important to keep inventory lists?

Creating inventory lists is also worthwhile in other corners of your day-to-day work. After all, you want to keep track of what tangible assets your company owns. Inventory list templates help keep track of what inventory you currently have, want, or need. You list assets and items and can compare them over time. Provided you always use the same template for your inventory list, the data can additionally be used for business analyses.

What counts as a company’s inventory?

The inventory, and therefore your template list, includes assets (fixed and current) and liabilities. So you list both intangible and tangible assets. The debts follow in another inventory list.

What information belongs in the inventory list?

In your inventory list template, you should include the type and quantity of inventory and when it was recorded. An example of an inventory list is a table with the columns:

  • Item
  • Item
  • Order number
  • counted quantity
  • Inventory value

As a heading, you specify the date of the inventory. Now let’s get to the practical part – how exactly do you create a template for upcoming inventories?

Inventory list by template – what can Excel do?

A program that many companies already use is Excel. Here you create a template document for your inventory and can use this again and again in the following years. If you already have an inventory list as an Excel document, you can use it as a template with just a few clicks:

  • Click “File” > “Save As.”
  • Double-click “Computer” or, in other Office versions, “This PC”.
  • Enter the desired file name.
  • In the “File type” field, select “Word template” instead of “Word document” (with or without macros).
  • Click on “Save”.

If you don’t already have an inventory list template in Excel, create your own. Inventory list template © PixieMe / adobe stock Open a new, blank Excel document. Think about the column headings you need for your inventory list template (for example, name, identification, location, quantity, and value). Type them in. Then format the cells according to the data types you need. For example, do you want to display numbers with two decimal places in a column? How should dates or currencies be displayed? Are there negative values? Once your formatting is in place, it’s time to link the Excel columns. For example, type the heading “Total” into a cell laterally offset from the inventory list. Next to this, you can use the “=SUM()” formula to add up all the values at the end of each sheet. The advantage of creating an inventory list with Excel is that many employees already know how to use the program. Once the template has been created, the inventory can begin. Only later changes or additions can be tedious. One disadvantage of Excel is that captured data cannot be accessed in real time by other employees or supervisors. Everyone works on their own spreadsheets or accesses documents via shared repositories. This can quickly lead to conflicts in the file versions. Excel spreadsheets can also quickly become confusing and many users only know the basic functions of the software. This is where the creation of digital inventory lists comes into play.

What are the benefits of a digital inventory list?

You can get digital inventory lists through web-based programs that allow you to create and manage lists. These include Trello, ClickUp or SeaTable, for example. Again, as with Excel, you can work with templates and fill out your inventory lists. The advantage of digital inventory lists over Excel is that all authorized persons have an insight into the data at all times. For example, you can avoid an inventory being performed twice by different employees. The task is simply marked as “In progress” and later as “Completed”. If someone needs information from a list, they can call it up in the program. There is no need to ask and wait for response from colleagues in case the shared file storage was not properly managed. Furthermore, in addition to templates, you can also keep checklists for inventory. What should be recorded or counted? What do employees have to pay attention to? In a checklist, employees simply check off everything one by one. Reports and the visualization of data work just as well or even better in digital inventory lists than in Excel. Depending on the program, you can set up automated reporting. Last, many of the programs allow you to attach files to lists. Photos and other documentation of conditions during inventory can be included in your inventory list. How to create a digital inventory list template varies from program to program, but follows similar steps:

How do I create an inventory list template with SeaTable?

Most digital list tools, including SeaTable, offer a library of templates or templates for inventory lists. You simply register for the free version and create a user. Once you are logged in, proceed as follows:

  • Click on “Add Base.”
  • Select “Create base from template”.
  • Click on one of the templates to get more information.
  • Decide on a template and then click on “Use Template”.

If you want to create your own inventory template, start from a new base. Add tables, a table layout, statistics, views and web forms. Then save and export your template. Done. Nothing more stands in the way of your inventory.


Companies need inventory lists keep inventories. A template, whether in Excel or a digital tool like SeaTable, standardizes and simplifies the process. Consider who will be involved in the inventory and need access to the data. How should the data be prepared and what functions are needed? And once you’ve answered these basic questions, start implementing easily with the SeaTable template for inventory lists. Image source Cover image: © zephyr_p/Adobe Stock Effective inventory management is essential for businesses of all sizes, but it’s also useful for personal use. Whether you’re creating an inventory list of your home or apartment for insurance purposes, compiling a list of stored personal items, or ordering drinks for an event, an inventory list will keep you well organized. With inventory lists, you as a business ensure that operations run smoothly, excess is avoided, and you know exactly which items are selling best thanks to tracking. To save you time and money, we have compiled the best inventory templates for Microsoft Excel, which you can download here for free. The templates are easy to use, can be customized to your needs and are compatible with Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 as well as Excel for Mac 2011 and We also show here how to use inventory templates in Smartsheet. Smartsheet is a work management tool based on spreadsheets, but easier to use than Excel. In this article

  • The advantages of inventory templates
  • Home Inventory Template
  • Simple Inventory Template
  • Inventory Template Inventory
  • Template Inventory Assets
  • Template Software Inventory
  • Equipment Inventory Template
  • Food Stock Template
  • Personal Inventory Template
  • Smartsheet offers you a simple inventory template

The benefits of inventory templates

The free templates you can download here serve different purposes, depending on whether you are managing a company’s assets or personal property, food stocks or any other type of stock or inventory. What all inventory management templates have in common, however, is that they offer individuals and businesses a number of basic benefits:

  • Insight into current inventory: With a template, you can easily see what products are currently in stock and in what quantities, an important step in keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Management of reorders: Inventory tracking helps you know exactly when to reorder which items and which products are out of stock because production may have stopped.
  • Generate statistics for your business: This helps you identify sales and distribution patterns, identify best sellers, and determine who your best suppliers are.
  • Protect investments and property: This applies to home or apartment owners who want to insure their property, as well as companies who want to track their inventory of computer hardware, equipment and devices. With an inventory, you’ll know exactly what you own, where it is, what it’s worth, and when it’s time for upgrades so you can keep your assets in tip-top shape.
  • Time and Money Savings: Especially for small businesses, a template can save you time and money because data entry is easy, you can quickly access product details and order details, and you can customize the format to fit your company’s needs.

Home Inventory Template

In the event of a natural disaster such as flood, fire or burglary, it is important to have an accurate list of the inventory in your home or apartment. Such an event and the loss of personal belongings are already traumatic enough, so save yourself from having to create a list of lost items and their value from memory. This template for your home makes it easy to document your inventory, complete with model numbers, serial numbers, purchase price and current value. The table includes a column for the room or area, so you can list your belongings by room. Also, at the top of the spreadsheet, you can enter information about homeowner’s insurance, fire insurance or other insurance with policy number and insurance agent. Download Home Inventory Template

Simple Inventory Template

This inventory template is perfect for storage and inventory management of small businesses that do not have a complicated storage system. The template includes columns for key information such as item number, item name and description, and unit price. With this template you can view the quantities and values you have in stock as well as reorders that have been made and items that have stopped production. This template is designed to be clear and simple, and like all Microsoft Excel templates on this page, can be customized to fit your business. All you have to do is make your entries and the calculations will be done automatically, as the template is pre-formatted. Download Simple Inventory Template

Stock Inventory Template

If you manage inventory for a retail store or are responsible for materials and raw materials in a manufacturing company, you know how critical inventory management is to optimizing sales and production. This inventory template helps you determine exactly when you need to reorder or reduce excess inventory. The template also lists vendor information and shows where which items are stored. With this template, it’s easy to view the entire inventory cycle, including backorders. A large inventory management database may be necessary for a large company, but the needs of smaller companies are met by this simple yet detailed template. Download Stock Inventory Template

Inventory Assets Template

Keep track of your company’s inventory such as PCs among other computer hardware, equipment and devices that need maintenance with this free template. For smaller businesses, the template provides a simple system for tracking assets. Not only can you view the quantity and value of assets in it, but you can also enter information about warranty, suppliers, manufacturers, location, serial numbers and more. To customize the template to your needs, simply delete the columns you don’t need or add new columns for additional information and details. Download Inventory Assets Template

Software Inventory Template

If you’re responsible for IT in an organization, use this time-saving template for tracking software inventory. It contains columns for software and hardware purchase, license data and upgrades, which makes software inventory management easier. This template is especially suitable for tracking software with all the necessary information. You can quickly determine where a particular software was installed, where and when it was purchased, and when licenses expire and need to be renewed based on the entries in the template. Download Software Inventory Template

Equipment Inventory Template

When it comes to expensive equipment, it’s especially important to keep records of its value, condition and location. You can do this with this free template. Operating costs, depreciation, credit and loans and more are entered here. With this template, you’ll have easy and quick access to all the important information, so you’ll know when an upgrade is due, which equipment is used the most, which equipment costs the most, and where the equipment is located. Accurately tracking your equipment usage and costs will improve your operational efficiency and provide cost savings. Download Equipment Inventory Template

Food Inventory Template

This free template is tailored for food inventory management. Restaurants and caterers can use it to keep track of your inventory in individual categories such as meats, vegetables, desserts, etc. It allows restaurants and caterers to keep track of their inventory in individual categories such as meats, vegetables, desserts, etc. and view current inventory quantities and costs. Download Food Inventory Template

Personal Inventory Template

Like the personal home inventory template above, you can easily and quickly create an inventory list of your personal property with this free pre-formatted template. This way, you’ll be well prepared in case of a natural disaster or other emergency. However, a personal inventory is also helpful for other inventories, such as collections like records, art, books and other valuables. In this template, you can enter your personal items by category, describe their condition, and indicate the value of each. Download Personal Inventory Template

Smartsheet provides you with a simple inventory template.

Empower your team to rise above with a flexible platform that is tailored to their needs and adapts as their needs change. Smartsheet’s platform makes it easy to schedule, capture, manage and report on work from anywhere. This helps your team be more effective and get more done. You can report on key metrics and get real-time insights into work in progress through rollup reports, dashboards, and automated workflows that keep your team connected and informed. It’s amazing how much more teams can get done in the same amount of time when they have a clear picture of the work being done. Try Smartsheet for free today. Sennheiser Hdr 110.

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