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O merry, O awkward, giving Christmas party! As soon as the first candle is lit on the Advent wreath, the party is just around the corner before the Christ Child. That means extra stress before the end of the year. Even at the last minute, some ideas for the company Christmas party can be implemented. What should we do at our company Christmas party? Is hosting a company Christmas party mandatory? Do all employees have to go? How is it possible to throw an appropriate Christmas party that is also fun? After all, one or ten mulled wines do not automatically improve every working relationship. A few Christmas party ideas can help as an icebreaker in the frosty winter atmosphere. With the time tracking system clocko:do, you can track your working hours on a project-by-project basis. Find out how long your Christmas angels need! To the time tracking

Why a company Christmas party?

A company Christmas party is not a must and employees are not obliged to accept the invitation. However, hosting a party is still an opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude to employees. A nice party with good food and maybe even some small presents puts a good feeling on the employees’ gift table. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, there are many opportunities for a fun Christmas party program. The number of employees is manageable and different ideas can be realized. At the same time, all employees and the employer get to know each other better. A company Christmas party with program is the place for personal conversations and casual get-togethers. It doesn’t have to be a steamy atmosphere – exchanges about children, pets, hobbies and other commonalities work easily and weld people together. Colleagues celebrate together, rejoice over work successes, tell stories of quirky clients and funny coincidences, and simply have a great evening.

What goes into a company Christmas party?

A company Christmas party cannot do without the euphoric speech of the boss. Contrary to popular belief, however, employers don’t have to overdo it and sprinkle Christmas glitter on the dull work life. A “welcome” and “thank you for your service” are better than empty promises. As an employer, also reiterate that tonight is about having a nice evening. Conversations about negative aspects of the workday are taboo today. Successes from the almost past year are of course allowed. From the employee’s point of view, food is particularly important. See to it early on that all hungry guests are catered for and that vegetarian menus are also available. The company turns into a kind of parallel world for the Christmas party, where the usual rules are relaxed. Hand out some Christmas cheer in the form of decorations and perhaps a few cookies. Whatever the supporting program looks like – at a company party, employees should also entertain themselves. Whether it’s a mulled wine bash or a fancy meal, it’s all about togetherness. The opportunity to exchange ideas privately plays an enormously important role. While mulled wine makes a Christmas party fun, the drink doesn’t replace a program.

What does a fun company Christmas party program look like?

In between even the nicest conversations, employees still expect a social program. To express your gratitude, small businesses can host the company Christmas party at the boss’s home. In any case, planning is important, which you can also distribute to one or more employees. But what do you do the whole evening besides talking about the last illnesses in kindergarten and eating cookies?

Company Christmas party ideas

Cook yourself

Companies with a kitchen or hot plate and not too many employees can turn the party into a cooking event. A Christmas dinner cooked together and by yourself tastes much better than a menu created by the boss, which not everyone may like. Some chefs can also be booked for such celebrations and assist the participants with the festive feast. A raclette grill or a fondue also provide the right homey atmosphere. The show effect is provided by the Feuerzangenbowle.

Cooking courses

A course away from home also combines the meal with a joint activity. It doesn’t have to be an entire menu, either. Cocktail or barista classes are just as fun and offer tastings to sweeten the evening.

Do community service

Why not do something for others for a change? Many cities have establishments where volunteers help out. Besides the typical food bank or soup kitchen, animal shelters need help or trees need to be planted. I’m sure the city government will be willing to provide information. Or you can hold a rummage sale where there’s something in it for everyone.

Christmas tree cutting

Instead of planting trees, you can also cut them down. Prove your strength with a hatchet and bring the Christmas tree straight home. A nice souvenir of a nice celebration.

Get creative

Other beautiful souvenirs can also be made quite wonderfully together. How about Christmas tree balls for the freshly cut Christmas tree? Optionally, you can also craft Christmas decorations with employees to create a homey atmosphere at work. A particularly tasty decoration is gingerbread houses for a little snack between two appointments. Alternatively, it may also be fresh cookies from the oven. How about a creative gingerbread house craft? Everyone gets something out of it.


As an employer, you don’t have to give your employees anything. Instead, you can simply have a Secret Santa among all your employees. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve drawing names. There are also games in which a dice is thrown for all the gifts, for example Danish Secret Santa. Another idea is to have everyone bring in, say, a book they no longer want. You put all the books you brought on a table and during the evening everyone gets to choose another one and take it with them. The books can also be wrapped as a surprise. A raffle is another idea to give away small gifts.

Motto evening

70s, superheroes or a casino night. Create a round celebration and decorate accordingly. This will make the celebration special, not repeated every year like any ordinary Christmas party. For such events, it is necessary that employees get involved.

City tour

It sounds boring at first, but it can be a fun idea for Christmas parties. There are many city tours with different focuses and often combined with food and drink. In the cold and dark season, night watchman tours are an exciting idea that brings a certain creepy factor to the cozy gathering.

Going for a walk …

… but cool! A torchlight walk in an open field fits perfectly into the winter atmosphere and spreads a contemplative mood. An exciting form of outdoor exercise is geo-caching. Here, employees use geo-data to find small boxes that other geo-cachers have hidden. There are large and small boxes, easy-to-find treasures and difficult riddles, both day and night.

Crime Dinner

This special type of dinner involves a murder mystery that those in attendance solve. There is usually a murderer sitting right at the table, and with a few clues, the staff guesses who it is. There are professional organizers for mystery dinners, but you can also find instructions on the Internet and in books.


Exercise is also possible on a small scale and not automatically a marathon. Bowling, bowling, playing billiards, paintball, laser tag, ice skating, climbing, archery, curling or neon golf is something for almost everyone. Dividing colleagues into teams that don’t normally work together is a way for everyone to get to know each other.

Play games

To break up or bridge the gap, there are many games that are suitable for large and small groups. Many team-building games promote team spirit, for example, the knot game. Standing in a circle, colleagues grab each other’s hands and don’t let go. They tie themselves in knots and climb over connections and crawl underneath. Another player then tries to untangle the knot. Get-to-know-you games bring unfamiliar colleagues closer together. For example, they recite something they like for each letter of their own name. Other party games include “I’m packing my suitcase,” singing karaoke, or yes-no stories, where guests guess stories by asking yes and no questions.


Create a quiz for your employees around Christmas or around the company. The winner gets a small gift. There are sites on the Internet for digital quiz creation, where employees can participate with their own cell phones.

Escape Room

An exciting team event are the so-called Escape Rooms, where groups are in a fictitious scenario in a room and have to solve puzzles with clues. There are professional providers for this in many cities.

A visit from Santa Claus

What could be more festive than a man dressed in red with a long beard at the company Christmas party? Alternatively, an angel or Christ Child can distribute small gifts and tell whether all employees and especially the boss have been good.

Sledding day

A toboggan hunt is fun. It’s even more fun when teams get together beforehand and have to build the toboggan themselves first! Especially companies in mountainous regions often set up for snow anyway.

Singing rehearsal

Those who dare go to a recording studio with their employees to record a Christmas song or even something else. In the end, all performers take the work home on CD to play to their own Christmas guests.

Photo Challenge

Come up with photo challenges for employees. They have to shoot certain subjects with their smartphones. For example, a picture with an unknown colleague, the company from the outside or their favorite object on their desk. The company Christmas party also lends itself to a new employee photo that you send out as greeting cards to your regular customers.

Covered wagon ride

Anyone can celebrate in the office or in a location. For a change, book a covered wagon ride where you sit together and drink warm beverages. And if someone gets bored, they can just look out the window and enjoy the scenery.

Bonus tip for entrepreneurs: the digital Christmas party

Do you have several small locations, work a lot with freelancers, or can’t meet on-site for other reasons – but still want to spend quality time with everyone? Corporate Christmas parties can also be held digitally: Various tools offer the possibility to connect via video chat. This way, everyone can participate from anywhere, there are no accommodation costs and no one is forced to go among people during a pandemic, for example. Everyone orders their desired meal, for example, and the company covers the costs. People eat and drink together. For joint activities, companies can send their employees small packages beforehand, for example with a little champagne or beer, a few snacks and materials for joint games. These can be quizzes or tasks for which everyone has to post a screenshot in the chat channel. The fastest gets a point. Other tasks can also be worked on in small groups that are randomly selected. There are several providers of digital events, for example puzzles, escape rooms or other challenges. But the good old classics like pantomime, Monday Painter, Taboo or other guessing games also work via chat and screenshare. Peace, joy, and happiness apply to many things during the Christmas season. But even here, there are hidden pitfalls. What about extra payment, for example? In the encyclopedia article you can read everything about Christmas bonuses – find out now! Combine the ideas simply and toboggan with Santa Claus around the bet, win the photo challenge on the city tour or unmask the invited professional chef as a murderer. Sledding is not just for the little ones!

How do I prepare the fun company Christmas party?

The organization of the company Christmas party is sometimes a tiresome topic. Expectations of a unique event in the veil of the glorious Christmas are often high. Nevertheless, it can be nice to take on the task of Christmas party. No one is obligated to do it alone, and a committee for the various tasks is recommended even for small teams. Also, communicate to all employees that ideas are welcome. In this way, you are at least holding employees to a partial obligation that they really shouldn’t be complaining about. The first task is to set a date on which all senior employees have time. Invitations should also be sent out promptly so that everyone can keep the evening free on the day in question. Consider whether to invite only employees or allow them to bring their partners. Close business contacts are also potential guests and don’t forget your freelancers and the janitor, who will surely be happy about an invitation. Think about the budget and plan everything else around it. The location depends on the program and from the location comes the question of service staff. Also the food and drinks as well as the music and the decoration depend on the program. All necessary materials should be ready for the program. Guests who have a long journey may need an overnight stay and for places outside a shuttle bus is recommended. Dare to do something new at the traditional Christmas. The food can be so expensive every year again – a boring party does not tear that out again. The company Christmas party may be fancy and classy, but employees will still be talking about an adventure they had together months later. Get your socks and Christmas stockings on, arrange your company Christmas party ideas, invite the heavenly folk and celebrate a merry and blessed festival with your employees! Katharina Bensch is the clocko:do expert for topics related to everyday work. With certified expertise on legal work topics and diverse experience as an editor, she is in charge of the clocko:do info portal. Start now with clocko:do and test the time tracking for 14 days free of charge. Welcome to xmaskom – Christmas gifts for customers & Christmas gifts for employees! The company Christmas party is the most important event of the year for employees. That’s why you should put a lot of heart and soul into organizing the party. These four game ideas will help to make it fun at the company Christmas party will be fun! There is a lot to think about when the planning of the company Christmas party is coming up again. A fancy location has to be found and a first-class catering has to be booked. But even the best organization is useless if the atmosphere at the Christmas party is stiff and the employees are not having a good time. To lighten the lighten the mood a bityou can organize a few fun games. We have four great game ideas for you and your colleagues together:

Game idea 1 for your Christmas party: charades.

Content: In the game “charade”, sentences are guessed pantomimically. Participants: Two teams play against each other. Either divide all participants into two groups or form several groups of two. Course: Team 1 retreats and consults what the opposing team should guess. This can be statements like: “Mrs. Müller recites a poem at the Christmas party” or “Michael Jackson goes to the supermarket and buys bananas”. It is important that the people to be guessed are known to all. Each group decides who from the opposing team will perform the phrase while the other group members have to guess. Afterwards, the groups switch!

Game idea 2 for the company Christmas party: theater sport.

Content: In “theater sports,” you transform shouts from the “audience” into a play. Participants: For each play, 4-8 people are needed. Course: The “theater group” gets together on stage. Terms are collected from the “audience”. The group can confer and spontaneously create a play. It is really fun to portray terms and situations from your own company.

Game idea 3 for the company Christmas party: famous couples.

Content: In the game “Famous Couples”, employees look for their corresponding “second half”. Participants: The number of participants depends on the number of pairs made up (e.g. Dick & Doof, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Tintin, etc.). Progression: Each participant gets a piece of paper with a part of the famous couple. Now he or she has to look for the counterpart by asking the other participants – but only the answers “Yes” or “No” are allowed. Whoever has found his or her second half may drink a glass of champagne with him or her or go to the buffet.

Game idea 4 for your company’s Christmas party: the months game.

Content: Month cards are drawn. Employees tell stories from the company that happened during those months (server crashes, summer party, trade show visits, etc.) Participants: All employees can play along. A game leader draws the monthly cards and moderates the game. Progression: The game leader draws a monthly card. Employees either come forward or are asked to tell an appropriate story from the company. We wish you and your colleagues a lot of a lot of fun at the Christmas party! Do you still need assistance with the planningplease have a look at our checklist for company Christmas parties. It is also available for download.

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